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Welcome! There are 8 main Quests that are separated into 2 parts for this Basics adventure, and some Gold Quests that are included for those wishing additional resources.

TechTips: The first Basics section has 4 Quests, covering important tips and to navigate these resources, do screen captures (for your portfolio) to demonstrate your learning, shortcuts, and browser tips.

TechSkills: The second set of 4 Quests has activities to help you improve your computing knowledge and skills.

Basics Gold: These Quests are for those wishing to explore more Basic activities. These include Quests about Files and Domains, Techie Equipment, and Communication Tools.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. be able to confidently navigate the 21things4students website

  2. understand how to download a file from the 21things4students website and save it to their file space

  3. be able to take a screenshot on a PC, Mac, Chromebook and/or iPad

  4. know basic shortcuts for a PC, Mac, Chromebook and/or iPad

  5. understand the importance of keyboarding in their future lives and be aware of the free resources on the internet they can use to improve their skills

  6. be able to summarize three key points from their school's Acceptable Use of Technology Policy

  7. know the characteristics of a strong password and understand the importance of keeping passwords safe and secure

  8. access online resources to improve their keyboarding skills

  9. understand the basic components of an email, be aware of basic email etiquette and safety, and be able to compose a new message

I am ready to start these Quests with TechTips

awardiconI have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher.
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