21 Things - Basics



These are optional Quests for those wanting to learn more. 

Optional activites:

Files and Domains

Different groups and companies around the world have adopted their own schemes for naming files. They also use special shortcut terms (examples: omg, lol, .jpg, .mp4, etc.). Knowing about filenames, formats, and domains can be very helpful.

Techie Equipment

This was a previously hosted Quest in Basics. With technology changing almost by the minute it's really hard to keep up-to-date. Some of your parents/guardians may remember using a sliderule in their math courses, not many will have used an abacus. What have these been replaced with today? You will collect data through interviews, enter it into a survey, and see results from surveys conducted by others using this site.

Valuable Communication Tools

Look at the benefits of Email. Take a quick look at some history, a short survey, and then make a case for the benefits of your favorite communication means: eMail, SMS, Phone, Twitter, or other alternatives.