This first part of Basics has 4 Quests:

Quest 1 Navigation Tips

Take a short tour of this site with tips for navigation, and learn about Quest checklists and the 21t4s roadmap to help you keep track of your progress.

Quest 2 Image Capture

Learn how to do a screenshot so that you can capture a picture of your screen to document your work.

Quest 3 Shortcuts

This Quest has great tips to save time computing and to be techie-cool.

Quest 4 Web Browsers

Learn about web browsers, how to find out which one you are using, and learn some tips and shortcuts.

TechSkills: When you have completed these first four Quests, continue to TechSkills for Quests 5-8; Tech Gymnastics, Safe & Secure, Email, and Email Etiquette. Use the 21t4s roadmap/tracking guide you receive in Quest one to track your progress.