There are three basic Quests in this Thing. You will be able to find, create, and edit digital images for a digital images "selfie" project. Your ability to use images in multimedia projects will allow you to express your creativity by communicating or presenting your ideas effectively.

Learning Objectives 

When you have completed this Thing, you will:

  1. know how to find, create, and edit digital images for a project
  2. understand why it's important to respect copyright and avoid plagiarism when selecting images
  3. meet international technology standards for

    Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen, Knowledge Constructor, Innovative Designer, and Creative Communicator

  4. create a digital self portrait (a "selfie poster") that shares your creativity while demonstrating your skills with digital images

Quest 1: The Search is ON!

This will guide you through the basics of searching for digital images that are legal and fair for you to use in presentations and on web pages.

 am ready for Quest 1

Quest 2: Image Magic

This Quest will teach you easy techniques for image editing, including resizing.

I am ready to tackle Quest 2

Quest 3:  My Digital Self Portrait

In this Quest, you will use your new digital image skills to create a Digital Self Portrait ("selfie poster") that shares your creativity and digital image skills.

 I am ready to tackle Quest 3  

Digital Images Gold Quests

The Science Mythbusters! Gold Quest - produce a multimedia project that will help bust a science myth or confirm a science truth

Information Please Gold Quest - Create an infographic

Teacher Guide for Digital Images Gold Quests

I have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher. awardicon
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