13. Dig the Data



Congratulations you have completed the Dig the Data Quests.

To receive your badge or certificate for completion from your teacher:

1. After I have completed this Thing I can:

  • analyze data and create different visual representations of it
  • understand that spreadsheets, charts and visual representations are tools to help organize, evaluate, and present data
  • create, organize, analyze and share representations of data in spreadsheet, chart, graph, and data plot formats with my teacher and classmates
  • know the difference between a cell, row and column and how to merge cells
  • calculate numbers using a spreadsheet
  • create a chart
  • share my spreadsheet with others
  • create a box and whiskers plot
  • can sort and analyze data

2. Take this Dig the Data Quiz. The password for the quiz is dig21. Do your best! 

3. Take a screenshot of your quiz results to show your teacher. 

4. Please take this short survey to share your ideas on how to improve these activities and this 21things4students resource. 

5.  Show your completed work to your teacher to receive your Data Analyst Badge or Certificate.

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