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Q5 Party Planner: Share

13. Dig the Data



You have completed your document and your teacher has asked you share your completed Google Spreadsheet.

PDF Document (Link to PDF Directions)


1. Open the Google Party Planner spreadsheet.

2. In the top right hand corner, click on the blue button that says SHARE.

3. A Share with others box will open.

  1. In the place that says People, type in the email address your teacher provides.
  2. At the end of that space is a Can edit button. Use the drop-down arrow and change that to Can comment.
  3. Then click on Done.

4. Share with anyone that has the link. You might have a blog, or want to send a link to a friend or family member. You are going to make your spreadsheet available to anyone with the link. Your teacher may let you know the names of one or two classmates that will need to peer edit your spreadsheet. This is also a great way to ask a friend to check your work.

  • Click on the Share button
  • Click on Advanced
  • Where it says Private - Only you can access...   Click on Change and select "On-Anyone with the link" (see image below). Be sure to set the Access to "Can comment" instead of Can view. Click on Save.


5. OPTIONAL -  Your teacher may also want you to share your spreadsheet as part of a blog or website. Check to see if they want you to Publish it to the Web (under the File menu).

6. Check with your teacher to see how they want you to submit or share this document. 

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