QM.1 Formatting with Microsoft Word

4. Collaboration

Note: There are two short videos (~5 min each) that will walk you quickly through the steps for this Quest. Play, pause and replay them as desired. *Remember to make these full-screen for best viewing. Part 1 is for Steps 1-9, and Part 2 completes the steps for the Quest. We recommend you use the step-by-step guide provided along with the videos.

These step-by-step directions for this Quest (Word doc)


It is really important to get organized! In your designated file saving location (OneDrive, student drive space, computer drive, Dropbox, USBdrive...), create a new folder and title it with 21thingswork and your first name, last initial, or some other title that is helpful to store your work for this class.


In this Quest you will create a new folder to organize your saved files, and create a document by typing in the content provided below. Your challenge is to learn to use some formatting features on this document. When you are done we expect you will be able to:

  1. use styles to create a heading

  2. change the font

  3. format the text with bold, italics, and underline

  4. change colors of the text and highlight text

  5. use the alignment tools to center or right align text

  6. share the document with your teacher

Key Vocabulary:

Format: When you are working in a word processing document you are able to change the shape, size and organization of text and other elements on a page. On the toolbar menu, you can locate Format and all of the options. 

Styles: A master page layout used in document creation systems such as word processing to store margins, tabs, fonts, headers, footers

Begin by expanding the content box below by clicking on the +

Part 1: Create a folder and new document

Create a folder:

If you are using OneDrive: 1. Open (login) OneDrive. 2. Go to New and use the drop down arrow to select Folder. 3. Enter a folder name (eg.21thingswork_cm)

If you are using a local or network drive space or USBflash drive, open the drive or folder, and use File menu-new folder, or locate a New Folder icon.


Watch the Part 1 video. Pause and replay as often as you need to complete the tasks.

1. Create a new blank document in Microsoft Word: Login to your Office365 and select Word. ***Working in the desktop version is different than working in the cloud (online). Check with your teacher on which choice to use, WordOnline, or Microsoft Word on your computer.

  1. Create a new blank document
  2. Give your document a name to help you locate it again later on (4.collaboration and your initials) and save it
  3. Then type the "Nothing Gold Can Stay" poem below exactly, with the spelling error as shown in the first line:

Note - sure it's easy to copy and paste (except when it is an image like below), but it's very important to practice your typing skills and see how accurate you can be! Challenge: can you type it 100% correctly, including the spelling error on your first time? 

2. Go to the Review Menu and select ABCSpelling and click on the drop down arrow to have it start the spelling checker. You will see the misspelled word that will have a red squiggle line under it highlighted with the suggested correct spelling. Click on the suggested correction to accept the change suggested.

3. Put 1 space between the title and the poem.

4. Select the title (remember a shortcut from Basics to select the whole line?) Choose Styles and change the text style to Title.

5. Select ALL the text below the title and go the HOME menu and change Font on the poem to Arial, and then change the Font size of the poem to Size 14.

6. Bold the word "Eden".

7. Apply Italics to "by Robert Frost".

8. Underline the title.

Part 2: Formatting continued

PART 2 - watch, pause and replay the video as needed

Direct link

9. Change the text of the four color named words to their colors. [Gold, green, gold, and gold]

10. Color with a green highlight the word "leaf's".

11. Highlight the word "dawn" to gray.

12. Center the title

13. Add a space between the poem and the author line and Right align the author's line

14. Space down 3 lines below the author's name and add "Edited by....(your name)" and format it to Heading 3. 

15. Proof your work. Now glance through your entire document and see if there are any words underlined with a red dotted line indicating that there may be a spelling error.  If you find any errors, be sure to correct them.

16. If done, go to the File menu and select Save As and notice the options available. Safe it to the folder you created in Step 1.

17. Check with your teacher to see if you should follow the next steps to share your document or continue to the next Quest before sharing.

 How to share your document

  1. To share your document: Click the Share icon and enter the email address your teacher provides.

  2. Determine the Sharing setting to use. Click on "can edit" to see that you can give View only rights. Leave this on "can edit" for your teacher.

  3. Add a quick note, 'I'm sharing my Collaboration Q1 assignment with you'. and click on Share.

*** Be sure to save your document and remember how to return to it for the next Quests in Collaboration.

Completing this Quest

After learning how to format your document, remember to check with your teacher about sharing or saving your document. 

 Check off this Quest on your 21t4s Roadmap 

I am ready for the File Management Quest M2!

ISTE and Common Core Standards

ISTE Standards•S

1. Empowered Learner
d. Understand the fundamental concepts of technology operations, demonstrate the ability to choose, use and troubleshoot current technologies, are able to transfer their knowledge to explore emerging technologies

6. Creative Communicator
a. choose the appropriate platforms and tools for meeting the desired objectives of their creation or communication
b. create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix digital resources into their new creations
d. publish or present content that customizes the message and medium for their intended audiences