Tired of writing all the time? Would you like to express yourself through a presentation instead? During these ten Quests you are going to learn how to present your ideas creatively through Prezi and Google Drive Presentations.

Please note: Since you have to be 13 or older for a Prezi accounts, we have also provided Quests using Google Drive Presentations. 

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:

  1. know how to use and collaborate using online presentation tools

  2. understand the features and attributes of online presentation

  3. meet international technology standards for Empowered Learner, Digital Citizen, Creative Communicator, Global Communicator

  4. create and collaborate on a multimedia presentation using a variety of tools

Quest 1: Explore the Land of Prezi

Find out about options to slides.

 I am ready for Quest 1 - Land of Prezi

Quest 2:  Powerful Prezis

 I am ready for Quest 2 - Powerful Prezis 

Quest 3: Creating your Prezi

Be a rebel and try something new!

 I am ready for Quest 3 - Creating Your Prezi

 GDrive Presentation: Thing and Quests 4-10

This is an additional Thing which starts from the beginning and moves into advanced skills using a free tool in Google. There are seven Quests in this Thing.

 I am ready for the GDrive Presentation and Quests

Powerful Presentations Gold

Additional Quest Activities will be linked here. Currently there are no optional activities featured.

I have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher. awardicon
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