In this Section you will create a presentation using Google Slides for presentations and reports. It is helpful to work on presentations with a team of classmates.

Quest 4: Collaboration on a Presentation

Use a Visual Organizer, to get ready to create a shared presentation. Planning and teamwork the first steps.

Quest 5:  Presentation Basics
The team chooses a theme, inserts a slide, adds and moves slides to work on

Quest 6: Insert Objects in a Presentation
Learn to insert a text box, image, word art, lines, shapes, video, link, and a table.

Quest 7: Formatting your Presentation
Learn how to format your presentation.

Quest 8: Editing your Presentation
Learn how to edit, undo, redo, and how to change the background, layout, and theme.

Quest 9: Arranging Objects in a Presention

Learn how to group, ungroup and rotate objects.

Quest 10: Sharing a Presentation

Learn to share your Presentation Documents

Congratulations! I have completed the Quests as assigned by my teacher. Go to the graduation page for the Presenter Award.