K-1 Activities

Introduction to 4 Integrated Lessons for K-1 - first draft March 2017.

You are invited to contribute to this project:

1. Contribute resources to the K-5 Technology Scope and Sequence Activities Document

2. Contribute a lesson using our Lesson Plan Blank for K-1.

3.  Provide feedback on pilot lessons.

Integrated project/activity lesson plans:

All of the web resources used in these lessons will be provided on separate web resource pages. You can copy these pages and modify them to fit your own version of the lesson by adding or deleting links.

The Project/activity lesson plans list the technology standards, content standards, steps suggested for teaching it, and include assessment rubrics. We hope you find these helpful.

Lesson Activity Exit Ticket - This is a document (PDF or Word doc) that can downloaded to be used with any activity and is pictured here.