Teacher Guides

We would like to provide assistance to educators when they are using 21t4s with their students. Below are lesson guides for the "Things"..

Each lesson guide has the following components:

About this Thing
Learning Objectives
Quests- About this Quest and Completion Time
Key Vocabulary
Materials and Bonus Materials
Additional Training

Student Checklists are linked to on the first page of each thing page as well as on the Teacher Guides. 

Thing 1 Basic Orientation                 Thing 2 Visual Learning        

Thing 3 Cloud Initiation                    Thing 4 Collaboration       

Thing 5 Digital Footprint                  Thing 6 Cyber Safety

Thing 7 Be Legal and Fair                 Thing 8 Troubleshooting    

Thing 9 Search Strategies                 Thing 10 Digital Images     

Thing 11 Powerful Presentations      Thing 12 Interactives                

Thing 13 Dig the Data                      Thing 14 Social Networking      

Thing 15 Hands-on-Line                   Thing 16 Career Prep

Thing 17 Screencasting                    Thing 18  Digital Storytelling

Thing 19 Buyer Beware                     Thing 20 Mobile Computing

Thing 21 Game Design