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This is where we post notes about any changes to links or content (due to a site or resource being no longer available or revision work) through the  school year.  The newest information will appear at the top.

Visit the Teacher Start Page to view the Horizon Report information to stay informed about key trends in technology and learning challenges now and in the next 5 years. (1/2/2017)


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  May 1- June 30 or June 30-Sept 5, 2017.
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REVISIONS/UPDATES in process for 2017-2018

4/25/2017 A STEAM Quest 4 has been added to Thing 2 Visual Learning

4/25/2017 Student Checklists will now have the I Can statements at the top, and a place for them to write a Personal Learning Goal.

4/25/2017 All of the Instructional Objectives are being updated on the main Thing pages and on the Slides. The seven ISTE standards for students will be in brackets following the objective. 

4/25/2017 The Teacher Guides are being added to for all 21things. We will be adding the I Can statements, and Standards including the ISTE standards for students.

4/25/2017 The new Classroom Collaboration Quest is now part of Thing 4. Collaboration

4/21/2017 #10 Digital Images: PicMonkey and two student-created examples have been added to Quest 3

2/6/2017 K-1 Online Safety Project Lesson added

2/5/2017 Information about the Student Online Personal Protection Act (SOPPA) in Michigan has been added to the Teacher Resource section.

1/1/2017 The Teacher Resources have been moved. They were previously located in a Moodle site and have now been moved to this site with a password protected login. It is located under the Teacher Resources top menu, and called: Teacher Resource Login. When you complete the Teacher Registration that you are using the site you will receive the login and password. The password is changed each year in June to help us document the use to our funding source (to keep it free to you).

Revisions and Updates to the 21things4students for 2016-17

*** Stay informed about key trends in technology and learning challenges now and in the next 5 years. Explore by viewing the K-12 Horizon Report overview video (embedded below), and by downloading both the 2016 NMC/CoSN K-12 Horizon Report and the 2016  Horizon Digital Toolkit located at the top of the Teacher Start Page.

The 21Things4Administrators Project website has been updated 1/2/2017. Send a link to your administrator!

ISTE 2016 STANDARDS Alignment

The recently revised ISTE Standards for Students have been released (June 2016). These are now updated on the pages and a cross-alignment document is available.

K-5: The first K-1 resource, The Frog Life Cycle and Monarch Life Cycle, are ready for piloting (Nov 2016).

The following items are yet to be completed:

  • Adding 10 STEAM/STEM specific Gold Quests (during 2016-17)

  • Adding 10+ Elementary level Quests (during 2016-17). The first K-1 resources are ready for piloting (Nov 2016).

All 'Things' targeted for some content revisions or updates are completed:
1. Basics,  2. Visual Learning, 3. Cloud Initiation, 5. Digital Footprint, 10. Digital Images, 15. Hands-on-line, 16. Career Prep, and 19. Buyer Beware

Revision or updates completed as of January 1, 2017:

1/9/2017 Embedded the AdCouncil "I see that and it's not OK" video on the main Stop the Bully page and replaced the previous animated video.

1/6/2017 Added a link to the video for Cyberbullying titled "I see that and it's not OK" where you can download the icon for iOS, Android and Keyboard that looks something like this

12/28/2016 Replaced PicMonkey (no longer free) in 10.Digital Images with iPiccy

12/28/16 Moved the Teacher Resources Content from the Moodle site to this site with a username and password

   11/8/2016 Cloud Initiation new Gold Quest for Classroom Collaboration is now available in Cloud Initiation.

    9/7/2016 A Blackboard version is available, and an example of a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) course is also provided in the 21t4s Teacher Resource Moodle site.   

    9/5/2016 Quizlet demo added to the Basics Start Here page

    9/2/2016 Updates made to the Basics Q1 Navigation page based on TechBoot Camp teacher feedback

    8/28/2016 21t4s Moodle Course available as a zipped file in the password protected Teacher Resource location

    8/28/2016 Replaced "Game of Life" activity in Career Prep    

    8/09/2016  Syllabus completed

    8/08/2016 Teacher Handbook Revised

8/07/2016 Cloud Initiation and Career Prep updated

8/07/2016 ProProfs Quiz answer list updated in Teacher Resource section

7/27/2016 In Digital Storytelling SoundCloud has been replaced with the web application Vocaroo and has a new tutorial video

7/25/2016 Thing 6, Cyber Safety Quest 5 has been replaced and renamed to ID Security. This Quest takes them to the FTC virtual mall to explore security issues.

  • Fix the quizzes where errors were reported
  • Simplify the content or improve directions where possible
  •  Update or revise the content for 8 of the 'Things' based on feedback
  • Add more 'game' or interactive features where possible
  • Add Vocabulary Quizlet sets to each "Thing"

7/18/2016 Introducing the use of "Expanding and Collapsing" content boxes to simplify long pages.

Added a new Teacher Registration page and condensed the Start page

6/27/2016 In Digital Storytelling the audio recording with SoundCloud has been replaced with the web application Vocaroo and has a new tutorial video.

6/24/2016 Buyer Beware, Digital Footprint, Digital Images, Hands-on-line and Visual Learning Quests are updated, teacher guides and student checklists in process of updates

6/23/2016 Quizlet Study Guides added to each Quest

6/20/2016 In process: Cloud Initiation, Basics Q4 on, new on.soundcoud tutorials for Multimedia

6/20/2016 Digital Images is refreshed, Career Prep is refreshed, Multimedia audio on.soundcloud, NS Teens Website Warrior game added to Troubleshooting Q3.

6/8/2016 Chromebook tutorials and videos added to Basics Q2 and Q4 for screenshots and browser shortcuts

6/8/2016 Added a new Browser Gymnastics Page for 1.Q4 to house the videos for Q4 

6/7/2016 Added a new Microsoft Edge video to Basics Q4

6/6/2016 Updated the Teacher Registration survey, changed the Moodle Teacher Resource password.

5/25-5/27 Updated Basics content, new Intro video, replaced Browser shortcuts chart to add Edge

5/11/2016 Added an interactive Career Cluster form to Q3 in Careers.

5/9/2016 Added to Thing 2 Visual Learning,Q1 Fire Rescue is a bonus and optional activity for students to create their own superhero .


  • New MeL video replaced older one for Michigan Library
  • New Mobile device issue report link/image added to each Quest page. This is to help us better accommodate users of mobile devices in case a different tutorial or app is needed. If you are using a device and the activity or something about the Quest doesn't work, please let us know for our revisions.
  • Stats: Since August the 21t4s site has had over 2.5 Million views, with over 154,000 users (98% in the US) with users from over 141 different countries around the globe! The average page viewing time is 9.8 minutes. The videos have also had over 2.2 Million views.

Close captioning for videos is completed. We cannot add CC for YouTube, SchoolTube or other videos that we link to, only our the ones we have created.

We have added a new feature, the 21t4s Teacher Handbook, available on the Teacher Start Page

21things4students listserv for teacher support is active.