21 Things - Basics



These are optional Quests for those wanting to learn more. 

Optional activites:

Files and Domains

Different groups and companies around the world have adopted their own schemes for naming files. They also use special shortcut terms (e.g., omg, lol, .jpg, .mp4, etc.). Knowing about filenames, formats, and domains can be very helpful.

Techie Equipment

This was a previously hosted Quest in Basics. With technology changing almost by the minute it's really hard to keep up to date. Some of your parents/guardians may remember using a slide rule in their math courses; not many will have used an abacus. What have these been replaced with today? You will collect data through interviews, enter it into a survey, and see results from surveys conducted by others using this site.

Valuable Communication Tools

Look at the benefits of email. Take a quick look at some history, a short survey, and then make a case for the benefits of your favorite communication means: email, SMS, phone, Twitter, or other alternative.