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Q4 Web Browsers

1. Basics


What is a web browser? You are using one right now to view this web page. A web browser is a software application (app) that helps you view information on the Internet. There are many different web browsers. Which one are you using? Odds are that you are using either Google's Chrome browser, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. These are not the only web browsers that you can use, but they are the most popular. Tablets, iPads, and mobile devices sometimes have other web browsers. This Quest is focused on helping you learn some more about using web browsers, the tech terms used and some Browser Gymnastics.

I Can Statements

  • do browser shortcuts
  • ​​manipulate screen size

Key Vocabulary

Web browser: A web browser is a software application (app) that helps you view information on the Internet.

Maximize: To maximize is to make the web browser fill the entire screen.

Minimize: To minimize is to make the web browser not show on the screen, but have it still running and not closed.

Restore: To restore is to make a web browser window that has been resized to a smaller than normal size on the screen, expand to fill the screen.


1. Watch the CommonCraft Video below "What is a Browser"?

2. Look closely at the screenshot below. This is the Google Chrome browser. Does it look like the browser you are using? Can you identify the different parts: home page, tabs, bookmarks, refresh the page, the URL, history? If you are using a different browser look for similarities and differences to the Chrome browser.

3. Expand and watch both of the Browser Gymnastics Part 1 and 2.

*** Try the tips as you watch the videos and pause them as desired.

4. Expand any other content blocks if applicable for your device.

5. Then expand the Basic Browser Shortcuts Chart section. You may want to download or print for future reference.

Basic Browser Gymnastics Part 1

Browser Gymnastics Part 1

This short tutorial shows how to do the following actions with your most common Internet browsers.

  • Maximize, minimize, restore or change the window size
  • Resize the window
  • Shortcuts for a new tab or new window
  • How to drag out a tab to create a new window

Direct link to the Browser Gymnastics Part 1 video file that will let you view it full screen.

Browser Gymnastics Part 2

Browser Gymnastics Part 2

This short tutorial shows how to do the following actions with your Internet browser:

  • Zoom in and out
  • Shortcuts for a new tab or window
  • Find text on a page
  • View the history of your web browsing

Direct link to the Browser Gymnastics Part 2 video file that will let you view it full screen. 

Chromebook Browser Gymnastics

This video is recorded on a Chromebook using a Chrome extension called Screencastify. This shows how to resize, use the Chrome browser, add tabs, work with multiple windows, copy and paste between browser windows.

Direct link to Chromebook Browser Shortcuts Video
Closed Captioning Transcript.pdf​

Microsoft Edge Browser Shortcuts + Windows 10 Snap

Microsoft EDGE Browser Shortcuts

This video shows some basic features of the new Microsoft Edge browser: resizing, tabs, multiple windows, and some shortcuts.

Direct link to Basics of Microsoft Edge 

This video shows how to use the Windows 10 "Snap" action to make your browser snap to take up 1/2 of the screen and fill the other 1/2 with another application or window.


Browser Shortcuts Chart for most browsers

5. Basic Browser Shortcuts Chart 



Click the hyperlink to access and download the Basics Browser Google doc verionshortcut pdf document. Try these out and then show them off to a friend that is not in your class or an adult.





Write a short paragraph about browsers, or your teacher may have you discuss this in class. Include:

1. The browser you prefer to use

2. Some of the features you like about it and why you prefer it over others

3. Something new you learned about browsers, discovered, or know that others might not know about

4. Now that you have visited some of the basics, in what ways have you either GAINED or REFINED some DIGITAL LITERACY skills? For more information on digital literacy: #6.Q1 Bill of Rights, or the Nine Themes or Digital Citizenship.

Completing this Quest

When you have finished completing these steps, watching the videos, looking for the similarities and differences in browsers, and completed the assignment, remember to show some tips and shortcuts to someone else. You are ready for the next Quest.

Sample rubric for the Writing Assignment (.doc file) or Google Drive file

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