Personal networks

14. Social Networking



A social network is an online community of people who use a website or app to communicate with each other by sharing comments, images, videos, resources, etc. Common examples include Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Using social networks can be a lot of fun and help us feel connected with the people we care most about. Adults also use social networks to share resources and look for jobs, while seniors and shut-ins benefit from being able to stay in touch with relatives and friends. 

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:‚Äč

  1. know what a social network is [Empowered Learner]

  2. understand why it is important to manage your digital identity when using a social network [Digital Citizen]

  3. understand why it is important to navigate social networks safely and post thoughtfully [Digital Citizen]

  4. be able to create a set of personal guidelines for navigating social networks [Digital Citizen]

Quest 1: Life Online, an Exploration

Examine your online habits to get a picture of your life online.

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Quest 2: Social Networks in Society

Find out how easy it is to get information about you from your online activity and how prospective employers view your social networking habits.

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 Quest 3: Consider This

This Quest will encourage you to think before you post by sharing the consequences of poor online decisions.

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 Quest 4: Safe and Smart

In this Quest, you will examine your online habits and consider what you have learned in this Thing to create a set of social network guidelines for yourself. 

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Social Networking Gold

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