cloud management

3. Cloud Initiation

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 QuestionEveryone is talking about the cloud, but what is it? Do you know? Watch the video to learn more about it before you try to harness the cloud.


Brain to Cloudcloud fog

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"The Lighter Side Of The Cloud" Comic by CloudTweaks – David Fletcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Learning Objectives

When you have completed this Thing you will:
  1. know how to create, organize, use and share links (bookmarks) to favorite sites online [Empowered Learner]

  2. understand what the cloud in cloud computing means [Empowered Learner]

  3. be able to create, access, and share cloud bookmarks [Knowledge Constructor]

Quest 1: What is the Cloud?

Find out what the Cloud  in Cloud Initiation is all about.
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Quest 2: Investigating Diigo

Learn about a FREE Cloud tool, Diigo. Create an account, save a bookmark, use tags, and organize your bookmarks. Discover how it can be a very useful tool for you. 

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Quest 3: Remix

Using Symbaloo, create, organize and share a visual webmix with all your favorite bookmarks.

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Quest 4: Bookmarking in the Cloud

Choose Diigo or Symbaloo to bookmark resources as you progress through the 21 Things 4 Students Quests.

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Cloud Initiation Gold 

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