Learn to Scratch Gold Quest

Coding and Game Design Gold


Now that you are inspired, let’s talk about how you are going to create your animation or game. We are going to use a programming language called Scratch. The following information is taken from the Scratch website. 


Key Vocabulary

Animation: Animation is a way of making a movie by using a series of drawings , computer graphics, or photographs of objects (such as puppets or models).

Reason systematically: Reason systematically is having, showing, or involving a system, method, or plan.

Getting Started with Scratch


1. Go to  and create an account. Ask your teacher for specifics on creating an account login and password.  

2. Watch the introduction video on the Scratch website. You will get a good idea what you are able to do with a Scratch sprite! It is also located on Scratch's YouTube Channel. (Scratch has many how-to videos located there.)

3. Download the file below called, Code Club Book of Scratch then go through all of the activities and create your own animated project. Ask your teacher if they want you to do this on your own, with a partner or as a class.

Code Club Book of Scratch


Completing this Quest

Ask your teacher how he/she wants you to submit your work for this activity.

I have completed this Gold Quest

Continue with Scratch and learn to create an animation