Frequently Asked Questions

We will post Frequently Asked Questions with the answers on this page with the date. 

1. Question- Where do I get the latest copy of the 21t4s Moodle Course?

Answer- Email

2. Question- Where do I report a bad link?

Answer- We have a button on the navigation bar to click with an email address to report a bad link, feedback on existing content and/or content that needs to be changed

3. Question- What grade level does 21things4students cover?

Answer- It is written at a grade 5-9 level,but can be used at elementary or high school level by modifying the assignments 

4. Question- Is the material in 21things4students free?

Answer- It is all free to use, but we do have a creative commons attribution, non-commercial and no derivatives license. Which means you are free to use with your students, you cannot make money on it and if you are going to use our content to create something new than you must contact the team at to seek permission.